A couple of months ago I returned to England from my very first trip to China.  I was travelling around, staying in hotels, meeting friends and seeing the sites.  I felt I didn’t really get to see what it might be like to live in China.  And since I don’t really want to get back to work yet, I came up with an idea that could give me a taste of this and help improve my Mandarin at the same time.  I discovered schools that will find a host family for students, much like schools might do in England.  After contacting one school failed, I found one that responded and have been very helpful.   So, since my visa allows me to stay for up to 90 days, the plan is to go back to live in Hangzhou for nearly the full three months!

My flights are booked.  Room is ready (thank you XL!).  Course is being planned (thank you, YH and CY).  But I still cannot quite believe I am going!

机票预订。房间准备好了(谢谢XL女士!)。 学科正在计划中(谢谢YH女士,CY老师)。 但我仍然不敢相信我会去。 杭州很快见​​!

See you soon Hangzhou! So much still to do in two weeks… But all I want to do right now is sleep.


“You may be right; I may be crazy.  But it just might be a lunatic you’re looking for.” 

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