Leaving England (Again)

So the day has arrived, and was I ready?  Definitely a lesson to be learned (the same one it seems I never do learn) about not wasting time and procrastinating.

A couple of friends told me that it will be freezing cold in Hangzhou in November, so I am pleased to discover, that according to one website, this is actually the best time to visit!

Zhǔnbèi líkāi. Háishì bù gǎn xiāngxìn wǒ zài gànshénme.
Preparing to leave. Still cannot believe (am not sure) what I am doing.

There was an interesting article in the newspaper on the plane about companies in China joining up to develop autonomous cars:

Bye bye, England.  See you in three months.

2 thoughts on “Leaving England (Again)

    1. Hello! Your email address gives it away… Do you like my “retrospective blog”? Not finished yet, as you can see… I am worried it is too boring. It is difficult adding more interesting details when trying to remember experiences in the past. I should have written it while I was there; which is why I suggested you should start one. Do you think you will?

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