Arrived in Hangzhou

I have arrived in Hangzhou, and I had a KFC while I was waiting for JD.  I was very happy to see her, but I suppose I must have been so overwhelmed by everything that I forgot to take photos of anything, except to show JD where I was so that we could find each other…

JD had asked her colleague, TT, to drive her to the airport and then take us to my accommodation.  Such a blessing to have good friends here.  Despite having the address, I don’t think I would have found the flat on my own.  Also XL’s (my “host mother”) aural English is even poorer than I thought, so it was great that JD was there for the initial greetings with her.  I can see it’s going to be a “fun” 3 months.  (By “fun”, I suppose I mean hard work for both XL and me).

We passed the light show on the way over.  From my room on the 33rd floor, I can see some of the river and buildings used for that show.

未来三个月我的家。Wèilái sān gè yuè wǒ de jiā.  My home for the next three months.

JD and I are going to meet up for a short time tomorrow.  Probably just to do a bit of shopping or something.

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