The mixc

I don’t have much of a photographic record of my first day in Hangzhou either.  I guess I was still blown away by everything being so new.  JD showed me around town, and showed me a few shops, most importantly to get some food that I know how to cook, such as in the mixc mall.  These are the only photos I took – in the first photo is the Raffles towers, and the golden globe (“sun”) building in the second photo is the International Convention and Exhibition Centre, near to the Citizen centre and the city “balcony”.

We also visited a few banks, because JD wanted me to have a bank account so that I could link my phone to it in order to be able to use Taobao and Alipay, etc, but they all said they could not let me open an account as I only had a tourist visa.

In the evening I spent some time with XL and XC (my “host family” mother and her daughter).  XC and I played together, with their hamsters, and she did some reading and singing.  She seems to like to stick things on me too:

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