Church Welcome

This morning after breakfast with XC, watching “Animanimals”, I went to Chongyi church for the morning service.  My friend, LP, kindly pointed me to this church, where she attended when she lived here, and it happens to be only a ten minute walk from my accommodation; if there wasn’t another block of flats in the way I would be able to see it from the living room window!

It’s quite funny that to go to church, much like I could in Guildford, I go passed B&Q (百安居,bǎi ān jū) and Tesco (乐购,Lè gòu) – sort of (the church is more of less opposite Tesco).

Church was nothing like in Guildford, though.  Apart from not understanding much, it is huge!  There must be several thousand people – and that’s not counting the service before the one I attended!

It was a really lovely service, with a wonderful mix of modern, lively songs and some traditional hymns (the tunes of some I recognised) a worship group and a choir, and I enjoyed it very much.

As it was the first Sunday of the month, there was also communion after the main part of the service, and at the end I joined the new-comers’ group for an introduction to the church.  Everything was in Chinese, so I understood little, but the welcome was warm.  All in all it was a great introduction to this church which would be my home church for the next 12 weeks.

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