1st Lessons

So on Monday morning I set off to find the school.  If I hadn’t been in touch with YH I would have been very lost next to the metro station in 西湖文化广场 (xīhú wénhuà guǎngchǎng; West Lake Cultural Square).


Jiǔ xiǎoshí de kè. Yào jì zhù de tài duōle.
(After) 9 hours (of) class. There are too many things to remember.  (Or I was trying to say something like that).

Jīntiān de lǎoshī hěn kě’ài.
Today’s teacher is very cute.

I have three hours of group class every weekday morning, split between two teachers, FL and JL.  There are two other students in the group, AE and MLX.  In addition I have a three-hour one-to-one class on Monday afternoons with FL.

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