Light CD Lessons

My second week of lessons.

After classes on Monday, teacher FL directed me to a huge bookstore that also sold some CDs.  I couldn’t decide whether to buy them or not.  But I am sure I will buy some at some point as they are so cheap here.  Even basic (English) CDs in shops in England are usually two to three times the price, and when I looked to buy Chinese music CDs in England, they can be four or five times as much, or more.

These look like some possible ideas – collections of “classic” songs:

And I do love Fish, but I am not sure what the songs on these are like.  I already have some CDs with a collection of her songs, so a number of the ones on these will be duplicates.  I am not sure if I will buy these.

Tuesday’s lesson with teacher JL.


(zài wǒ de gōngyù lǐ kàn dào de hángzhōu qián jiāng xīnchéng dēngguāng xiù.
Watching the Qianjiang New City Light Show in my apartment.)
I like the way the lights are twice reflected on some of the unlit buildings.


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