Fei to Church

Here are some photos from today’s lesson with teacher FL.  On the way home there was a couple of ladies sitting on the bench in the metro station who wanted a photo with me.   They turned out to be mother and daughter.  The daughter, FF, runs a hairdresser’s / beauty salon.  I explained that I have just had my hair cut thanks to a friend.  She offered to do it for me next time I need it.  I will remember.

With FF and her mum in the metro station:

Talking with EY on Sunday I had found out that there is a sort of “youth” meeting at the church on Wednesday evenings, so this evening I excitedly went to meet EY to go to the church together.  It was really quite like a Sunday morning, only with much fewer people, and perhaps a more relaxed feel.

It turns out that EY lives near NW’s church, and as we discussed this she said that she would like to try that church, so God willing we will go there on Sunday.  It will be good to catch up with NW.


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