Tesco Typhoons

After class with JL老师 today I went to Tesco and discovered that I can only benefit from the offers if I have a Clubcard. I don’t think my UK one would work, even if I had it. A lady behind me in the queue kindly lent me hers.

Important foods in Tesco – cornflakes and pasta.
Of all the Chinese meals/dishes to try to get used to, having seen Chinese breakfasts in hotels when I was on holiday back in May/June, breakfast seems to be one of the meals I really do not want to even try.  So cornflakes and (oats) porridge  is very important to me.  It is a shame that milk is so expensive here; about six times the price as in the UK.
Pasta is important because it is in several of the few meals I like to cook for myself.

Offers and borrowed Clubcard:

At lunch time I found the English news TV channel. It seems there are two typhoons about to skim past both sides of China. I expect we might have some rainy days.


JZ from English Corner had invited me to their Bible study, so this evening, despite the rain, I walked some distance to find the place they were meeting.  Somewhat strange experience – I ended up in some other guy’s room.  I don’t know what he was thinking I was there for, but he gave me something to drink.  It wasn’t until I managed to ask in my poor Chinese, using my translation software, when the others were arriving that I realised something was wrong.  But eventually, somehow, I managed to explain I was in the wrong place, and walking back along the corridor finally bumped into JZ.  It was a special evening, meeting some new friends, even though once again I understood so little of the discussion.


Here’s a cat I drew in the Metro 🙂


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