Saturday Play

I spent my first completely free day almost entirely inside.  By the afternoon I had to get out, so I checked the map, discovered there is a park not too far from my accommodation, and decided to go and take a look.

I spotted what I think is a Chinese Magpie:

And had fun swinging on the swings:

Walking back through the park I had lost my sense of direction, and crossing the road I found myself in another garden which led through to the river.

There were some really noisy critters in these trees:

I have seen bats in Guildford, but never as many at one time as I have seen in Hangzhou.  They are near the river, in the park, by the church, around West Lake… Wow!   Of course they are nearly impossible to photograph and incredibly hard to film.  Some of my friends have not even noticed them, thinking them to be birds, but you can identify them from the way they fly (seemingly more “erratic”), and when they do get close, you can occasionally see the wing shape.
Bat = 蝙蝠 (biānfú)


On the way home I saw people dancing too.


This evening I was privileged to be able to spend some time playing with XC.

(You may notice that I will not post many pictures of videos of XC, as her mother asked me not to.  That is why here I have covered her face with a smiley).


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