Yesterday’s lesson.

I love the look MLX gave me taking her photo.  Haha!

Today was my last class before the golden week holiday.

My lovely teacher JL is happy every day.  She makes me smile.
我可爱的老师天天很高兴。 她使我微笑。 今天是假期前的最后一节课。 我们做了听力练习。 这是一个笑话。
We did listening exercises.  The listening text was a joke:
It says:
Mr Wang’s wife asked Mr Wang, “What are you looking for?”
Mr Wang replied, “I am looking for my car keys”.
While helping Mr Wang look, his wife said, “You should not say ‘I am looking for my car keys,’ you should say, ‘I am looking for our car keys’. After marriage you should only say, ‘Our,’ not ‘My’.”
That evening, Mr Wang was shaving, his wife asked him, “What are you doing?”
Mr Wang replied, “Dear, I am shaving our beard.”


A huge advertising stand for the school has appeared in the metro station underneath the school itself.

On the way home from class I saw some sort of parade happening at the school opposite my host family’s apartment.  Without the fear of reprisals of filming around a school, that we have in the UK, I dared to film it because it was so interesting.  I guess they are preparing for some sort of parade on National Day, but I wouldn’t know where to go to see it.


CL returned to Hangzhou on Wednesday, so this evening I visited her and we took little LJ for a walk around the neighbourhood and by the river.  CL was quite surprised how LJ allowed me to hold her hand, carry her, and on returning to the apartment, even crawled up onto my lap for a cuddle.  I always feel sad that she probably won’t remember me whenever I see her next time, but perhaps she did remember me from our tip to the zoo in June after all.


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