National Day

Today is National Day holiday – 国庆节 Guóqìng jié.  Spent the morning playing with XC.  She watched Frozen and was singing along to “Let it go” in Chinese.

XL had invited some friends around for a meal to celebrate the national day and mid-autumn festival, which has fallen in the same week.  They played the piano and chatted.  After the meal we tried some moon cakes.  A selection of four types.  None of us seemed to like any of them very much.

(I asked XC’s friend why we eat moon cakes when no one seems to like them, and she said “it’s tradition”.  I suppose it’s a bit like some of the foods some people have at Christmas in England that they would never dream of eating any other time.  I never understood that myself.)

Spent a beautiful evening with my host family and friends.

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