West Lake

Yesterday’s lesson with FL:

Today’s lesson with JL:

I asked JL if there were any other places where I could buy some DVDs as the bookshop I had been going to, while it has thousands of books on any subject you can imagine, had a limited selection of DVDs.  She told me there might be a small one in the opposite direction.  So after class I had a wander.  I found a small old shop, that looked like it had a few DVDs.  While I was browsing, the shopkeeper indicated that there were more upstairs.  I nervously went up, not quite sure what I would find as I’ve never gone “into the back” of a DVD shop before.  Thankfully it was not what I was beginning to imagine.  But there were hundreds, if not thousands of DVDs on shelves and in boxes on tables.  I looked at a few, immediately suspecting they were not genuine.  See what you think.

If the wrapping wasn’t a giveaway, the typos in the text certainly must be.  Needless to say I left without buying any.  I think I’ll stick to the genuine shop.

I finally managed to meet up with XYJ this afternoon.  I hadn’t seen her since June.  She took me for a very nice meal (steak) in quite a posh restaurant (because that’s what she is used to, I think) and then for a cycle ride along the West Lake causeway.


This evening I spent some time with XL and XC while she did her homework.

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