Lesson today with FL again:

Now, YH has invited me to her wedding!  After the initial excitement, I realised that I need something smart to wear, and because I hadn’t brought anything it seemed most sensible to hire a suit.  So I searched the web and the AMap app and so on looking for somewhere to hire one.  It seemed that there was one not too far from the school, so after class I set off to look for it.

By the canal, I found this group learning some dance routine.

After half an hour or so of walking, I spotted a large wedding shop.  I went in, and tried to explain that I was looking for a suit.  I was directed upstairs and asked to sit.  A few minutes later a sales person came and invited me to their desk.  We had a somewhat confusing conversation, but what I worked out was that they could make me a suit that I would buy (not hire).  I tried to explain that I didn’t want to buy one because I didn’t have room to take it back to England.  But anyway, not only was it going to be very expensive, but it would take to take too long to make; the wedding is less than ten days away.  So I returned home a little bit worried that I might not find something smart to wear and would embarrass YH.

The 8090s meeting tonight is a reminder that the Lord is always in control.

And on the way home, 小棕 was tied to a moped outside the shop.   It seems he was quite excited to see me, which also cheered me up.

I decided to post on WeChat about trying to find a suit hire shop, and see what tomorrow brings.  If the worst comes to the worst, I’ll just search in the other direction from school.


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