The big day has arrived!

I got suited up (took some awful selfies that I’m not going to share) and went to NW’s church.  Sadly NW was not there, but to my surprise D was!

After a lovely service, I went over to the old town for lunch at MacDonald’s and arrived at Gulou church in good time.

I was surprised that YH met me!  Although this was deliberately intended to be a “Western” style service, this is clearly one difference from a Western wedding as the bride is normally last to arrive!  Instead CN and her were at the front of the church together until just before the service started.

Anyway, it was a wonderful ceremony, full of emotion.

There were coaches laid on to take us to the reception, which was at a beautiful hotel complex over in the west wetlands.

恭喜!恭喜! 祝你们幸福。 神赐福你们。

Some views on the way home from the car with TL.

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